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Why You Should Never Wash Your Coffee Cup?

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Why you should never wash your coffee cup?

The reason you should never wash your coffee cup is simple. There's a lot of chemistry involved.
Coffee is one of the most complex beverages on earth. It's a solution containing over 1000 different compounds with at least 20% organic acids, some of which are quite unpleasant. If you drink it black you'll taste sulfuric, acetic, and formic acids, along with phenolic compounds. The first sip will make your lips pucker and your tongue tingle. Your stomach doesn't care for these chemicals either and will churn out hydrochloric acid as a response.

If you're sensitive to caffeine you'll probably start feeling jittery within minutes because caffeine is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Within an hour your heart rate will increase, blood pressure will go up, and more blood will flow to the muscles and brain. You might get a headache since caffeine constricts blood vessels in the head (the same effect that causes rebound headaches when you stop taking aspirin).

But hey, it wakes you up! That's why we drink coffee in the morning or whenever we want to be more alert. It's also why many people can't sleep after drinking coffee in the evening or after eating chocolate or other foods high in caffeine

In the event you're ever in a situation where someone is trying to tell you the right way to do things, and you can't think of any reason why they're wrong, just tell them: "No, I'll wash my coffee cup when I want to."

This is what computer programmers call an unhandled exception. If you tell a computer to do something, and it doesn't know how, it will usually give up and display an error message. Not washing your coffee cup is an unhandled exception. It's not that there's anything wrong with washing your coffee cup. It's just a weird thing to care about. And even weirder to spend any time thinking about.

For more information, check out Why you should never wash your coffee cup? too.

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