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Which Nation Produces The Most Coffee?

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What are you seeking? Which Nation Produces The Most Coffee?

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Who drinks the most coffee in the world?

The most common answer is Brazil; it's the biggest single producer, with an annual crop of around 3 billion pounds. But you'd be wrong, because Brazil only produces about a third of the coffee that's actually consumed.

The reason for this is that a lot of coffee gets exported as green beans and then gets roasted and re-exported as roasted coffee. Brazil doesn't export much of its own roast, and when it does it goes to neighboring countries. So if you're looking for the nation that supplies America with most of its Starbucks fix, you should be looking to Honduras and Colombia (and Vietnam to a lesser extent).

But wait! You'd still be wrong, because those nations are only supplying America with the beans we roast here. Most of the coffee that Americans drink is actually roasted in Zurich and Hamburg.

The answer is Brazil.
The second most, Colombia.
The third most, Vietnam.
But the answer people expect is a country that doesn't even produce coffee, Italy.

Why do people assume Italy is the largest producer of coffee? Because they drink so much of it.

Brazil wins.

Brazil is by far the largest coffee producing country in the world. In 2007, it produced about a third of the world's coffee. Vietnam, Indonesia and Colombia all produce more coffee than Ethiopia.

The first time I heard this question, my instinct was to say Brazil. But then I remembered that Brazil is a huge country and coffee is just one of the many things it produces, so that can't be right. Maybe Colombia?

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