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What Is “Single Origin” Coffee?

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What do they mean by “single origin” coffee? You’re familiar with the concept of single origin coffee.

You may have even experienced it. Maybe you went to a Blue Bottle Cafe, and paid a few extra bucks for some Kenya Dolce.

It was delicious, and you liked it, but didn’t really understand why someone would pay more for beans from one place than another. What is “single origin” coffee?

What do they mean by that term?
And why does it cost more than “regular” coffee?

A simple answer is that single origin means the beans in your cup come from one place, like Columbia or Guatemala, as opposed to being blended together from several different places. This sounds easy to understand enough, but there are some key things to know about the term beyond just this simplified definition.

It's not just coffee. The word "single" has been popping up all over the place lately, as a way of saying that one thing comes from one place. Single origin chocolate. Single origin wine. Even single origin water: the latest fad among people who have run out of other things to worry about is to insist on buying bottles of water from a particular spring.

The reason for this trend is that some products are better if they're homogeneous and some are better if they're heterogeneous.

The best kind of coffee is homogeneous: all the beans in a batch taste more or less the same, so you get a consistent brew from cup to cup. But the best kind of tea consists of leaves from many different bushes, each variety having its own distinctive flavor; the artistry comes in blending them so that none dominates or disappears.

For more information, check out What Is “Single Origin” Coffee? too.

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