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How To Use Coffee Press

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How To Use Coffee Press?

Use the coffee press to brew a great pot of coffee or tea. You'll need: 1) coffee/tea, 2) coffee press and 3) hot water. Here's what to do: 1) Measure out enough water for your cup size and pour into the bottom of the press. 2) Add desired amount of coffee grounds (always remember to use a coffee grinder). 3) Stir lightly with a spoon, then add lid and place plunger inside. 4) Press down on plunger slowly and firmly until you hear liquid stop dripping down the pot. 5) Remove plunger and enjoy!

The coffee press is an excellent choice for coffee lovers who want to experience the rich flavors of a French press, but in the convenience of the single-serving pitcher. If you enjoy the full-bodied, robust flavors of coffee but don't have much time to spare, a coffee press is a great way to elevate your morning cup of joe. The coffee press is also known as a French press or cafetière; it's a simple system made up of three parts.

Unlike other coffee makers that brew one cup at a time, the coffee press makes several cups at once. Gather all your ingredients before you begin with your French press: coffee grounds and water. Start by placing your filter into the carafe, then add your ground coffee. Once you're finished with that, fill up the carafe with hot water and let it sit for 3 minutes to allow the grounds to bloom. The bloom process allows for maximum extraction of flavor from the grounds and also helps remove some of the acidity from them, which helps create a less bitter brew. This is important because you may need to use more grounds than you would in a drip machine to achieve the same level of strength. Once your timer has run out, give it another stir by gently pressing down.

For more information, check out How To Use Coffee Press too.

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