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How Long Does Caffeine Stay In Your System?

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What were you looking for? How Long Does Caffeine Stay In Your System?

Wanting a espresso while you are out and about at the Chase? Should you be planning to go shopping, stop by the In A Nutshell cafe in the mall and you will get that desired lift to help you during your shopping trip. Additionally they recommend that you give them a try before you've finished your shopping. They are permanently stocked with quality ingredients that allow them to to supply their visitors with beverages they know will keep you returning for another hit. So, to get How Long Does Caffeine Stay In Your System?, test them out one day soon and prove it.

You probably already know how much caffeine is in your coffee, but it is trickier to tell how long it will stay in your system. It seems like a simple question, should be easy to find an exact answer on the internet, right? Well, as usual with biological questions, it is not so simple.

Caffeine is eliminated from your body through urine. The amount of time it takes to do that varies from person to person. It depends on age, body size and weight, metabolism and the amount of caffeine ingested.

The simplest way to approximate the time it will take for you to eliminate caffeine from your body is by using this formula: Half-life = 3.2 x Log10(Measured Serum Concentration). This equation has been determined by a study of 646 people who received oral doses of caffeine (1mg/kg).

The half-life of caffeine is the amount of time it takes for half of the consumed dose to be eliminated from your system. In other words, if you drink 250mg of coffee (about 2 mugs), then 125mg will still be in your system 5 hours later. If you are still feeling jittery after 5 hours, or if you are trying to sleep and have had coffee earlier.

The half-life of caffeine is about 5 hours. So if you consume 200 milligrams of caffeine, after 5 hours you'll still have 100 milligrams left in your body. After another 5 hours, you'll have 50 milligrams left.

The truth is a little more complicated than that, since the 5 hour half-life is an average, and the time it takes to eliminate caffeine varies from person to person. But this simplified picture is useful in understanding how long caffeine stays in your system.

For more information, check out How Long Does Caffeine Stay In Your System? as well.

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